Legal Justice For Family Litigation

Everyone needs a little help some times and that is why we are here to support individuals and families and to ensure justice for all those who have been going through various family turture in the UK. We provide advocacy support, practical and emotional assistance to families that have been treated unfairly by Government Policies and other Agencies in the UK. With can help you with professional advice and successful legal suite on issues involving parents and their children, carers, social services, social support, family seperation, policy or practices that violate healthy family living.

Are You Seperated From Your Child

Do you know that over 2000 newborn babies are forcefully taken away from their parents every year by the social services. This is incredible, in-human and violates the right to family life. We can help you get justice because we believe that it is a fundamental and inherant right for every child to raised by the parents in a healthy family environment. If your child have been unlawfully taken away from you by the social services, we can stand for you with our legal aids to fight and ensure that your child is given back to you.

Are You In Need Of Social Support

We understand that life could be very challenging sometimes. Finances can be one of the major issues most people are facing especially when you will need to take some time off work to support your child or attend to health issues. In most cases family and relationship suffers due to emotional pressures.